August 2018 Minutes

Amnicon Regular Board Meeting
Amnicon Town Hall
August 9, 2018

Arthur Amys called the meeting to order. All board members were present. Arthur Amys made a motion to approve the July 12th, 2018 regular meeting minutes, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan Committee – No Report

Mark Liebaert has concerns about the visibility at the Sam Anderson Crossing with a, they are going to install a set of solar powered stop signs that would be motion activated. Mark Liebaert is working with Jackie Macewicz. The state needs to have enough traffic to warrant the crossing arms. We will put a traffic counter there in Sept to get a good count after school starts. We will possibly need to file an appeal with the Railroad Commission. At some point we will need to draft a letter to send to all the necessary officials.

Kraig Anderson was present to request a zoning change from commercial to ag. Arthur Amys moved to approve it Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Al Schiefelbein Rural Mutual Insurance recommends moving the old town hall to actual cost and leveling out all our deductibles to $ 500. Arthur Amys move to allow that. Mark Liebaert seconded. Motion carried.

Flood Progress on roads All Roads are open. Gary Kane is working on FEMA for all of the costs.
Adjourned 8:15

Respectfully Submitted, Gary Kane,

Town Clerk/Treasurer