February 2018 Minutes

Amnicon Regular Board Meeting

Amnicon Town Hall

February 8, 2018

Mark Liebaert called the meeting to order. All board members were present except Arthur Amys. Dennis Hill made a motion to approve the November 28th, 2017 special meeting minutes, Mark Liebaert seconded. Motion carried. Mark Liebaert made a motion to approve the January 11th, 2018 regular meeting minutes, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan Committee – No Report

Lundeen Railroad crossing is closed, and Gary Kane is proceeding with the paperwork to get the funding that was promised.

Discussion on the gravel pit on County Rd. P. Gary Kane is working on the paperwork for the permits, we need to put together a reclamation plan.

Candy Anderson and John Humberg with Mathy Construction were present to request conditional use permits for renewal of the Karnes Pit. And temporary placement of an asphalt plant at the Buckley Pit. Dennis Hill Made a motion to approve with the exiting conditions. Marl Liebaert seconded both carried.

We encourage everyone to attend the meeting about the referendum for the Maple School it is on February 12 at 7:00pm.

Douglas County Mark Liebaert – The Forestry dept has had record sales of around $3,000,000 this year. They have found that the Emerald Ash Borer dies at -20 so it may help that we have had severe cold weather this winter.

New voting Machines are in the works there will be some additional costs to the towns.

Dennis motion to adjourn 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Kane, Town Clerk/Treasurer