Town of Amnicon Hall Rental


Gary Kane Clerk/Treasurer will be responsible for bookings and key use. Please contact Gary Kane at 715-364-2393 (Home) or 218-391-9134 (Cell) to check availability or for more information before submitting this form.

Anyone using the Town Hall will be responsible for any damage to the hall or its contents. Renter is responsible to clean the Town Hall (including the kitchen) to its previous condition.


Booking fee is to be paid before the event occurs. Checks are to be made out to “Town of Amnicon”.

Please submit a separate check – made payable to “Town of Amnicon” for your damage deposit. Please include “Damage Deposit” in the memo line.

Rental fee use: Resident of | Amnicon | Non-Resident | Damage Deposit

Under 30 People $ 30 $ 50 $ 100
Over 30 People $ 75 $ 150 $ 100
*Rummage Sale $ 75 $ 125 $ 100

Benefits No Charge $ 50 $ 100

Beer/Liquor is allowed on premise If an authorized deputy is on premise at all times that beer/liquor are available.
Payment of their wages are the sole responsibility of the town hall renter. An additional $ 100 damage deposit is required.

Public information and non-profit organizations are free with Board approval.

All damages and wrong doing during the event is the liability of the renter.

 I have received and read the Town of Amnicon Hall rental agreement and agree to its terms.
I would like to rent the Town Hall on (date) ________/_________/__________.
Event_______________________________________Amount Due: ___________________________
Additional damage deposit due: | $ 100 |
Please print full name: _______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________ Email: _____________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
FOR TOWN OFFICE USE: Date that form was received: ___________________ Amount Rec’d: _____________________
Damage deposit rec’d: _________________ Returned: ______________________