January 2018 Minutes

Amnicon Regular Board Meeting

Amnicon Town Hall

January 11, 2018

Arthur Amys called the meeting to order. All board members were present except Gary Kane. Mark Liebaert made a motion to approve the November 28th, 2017 special meeting minutes, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried. Mark Liebaert made a motion to approve the December 14th, 2017 regular meeting minutes

Comprehensive Plan Committee – No Report, Farmland Preservation Douglas County Board approved the changes as presented so it will go into effect.

Lundeen Railroad crossing is closed, and Gary Kane is proceeding with the paperwork to get the funding that was promised.

Discussion on the gravel pit on County Rd. P the Douglas county Forestry Dept. will bid out the removal of 5 acres of trees. Gary Kane is working on the paperwork for the permits, we need to put together a reclamation plan.

Mark Liebaert made a motion to delegate authority to Rob Lietha our building inspector to file reports on the towns behalf for Act 211. Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Douglas County Mark Liebaert – The Town of Wascott has around $ 900,000 in reserve funds so they purchased 2 new trucks. Hawthorn and Poplar have way more problems that Amnicon! Price of voting machines is going up as it is time to purchase new ones, the old ones are reaching their life expectancy.

Mark Liebaert motion to adjourn 8:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Kane, Town Clerk/Treasurer