May 2018 Minutes

Amnicon Regular Board Meeting

Amnicon Town Hall

May 10, 2018

Arthur Amys called the meeting to order. All board members were present. Arthur Amys made a motion to approve the April 12th, 2018 regular meeting minutes, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan Committee – No Report Gary Kane will call members to elect a new Chairperson.

Lundeen Railroad crossing is closed, and Gary Kane is keeping records of all work that we are doing on Lundeen and Western roads to bill the railroad for damages that have been done. We are still waiting on the grant application help for the safety monies.

Discussion on the gravel pit on County Rd. P.  It has been approved. We have a quote from Iron River Sand & Gravel for $8000 for earth work, and around $ 2.75 a ton for gravel crushing. We are paying $ 7.75 a ton now.

Douglas County has approved the purchase of new voting machines, Arthur Amys made a motion to pay the $5000 back over a 5-year period. Mark Liebaert seconded. Motion carried.

Douglas County Zoning needs a vote on changes needing to be made to the zoning ordinance. Removing the minimum square footage requirement. Arthur Amys made a motion to approve. Mark Liebaert seconded. Motion carried.

The Old 11 bridge is still in the running for state funding, but even if it is approved it could be as late as 2022 before it would be done.

County Road D will be paved in the next couple of weeks. The county spent $260,000 for purchasing more forest land. $100,000 for road improvements and park improvement in the forests.

Rhim Kenworth and Monroe Truck representatives where present to discuss options for purchasing a new dump truck.

Arthur Amys made a motion to have the annual road tour on May23 at 10:00 am. Dennis Hill seconded.

Dennis made a motion adjourn 8:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Kane, Town Clerk/Treasurer