Amnicon Regular Board Meeting
Amnicon Town Hall
August 10, 2017

Arthur Amys called the meeting to order. All board members were present. Arthur Amys made a motion to approve the July 13, 2017 minutes, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.
Comprehensive Plan Committee – No Report

Railroad Crossing at Lundeen Rd. No contact will remove from agenda until further notice.

Mark Liebaert made a motion to renew the conditional use permit for the City of Superior for the land on the 22rd. Arthur Amys seconded. Motion carried.

Wisdot was present to request a rezone of property located on Rockmont Rd and US 53. Douglas County Zoning recommended we agree to the change as 2 of the parcels will only be able to have 1 residence on them due to setbacks and vision triangles. Mark Liebaert made a motion to approve, Arthur Amys seconded. Motion carried.

Jeff Burhans was present to discuss him possibly taking over the lease from Phil Myshack. The board wants a better proposal. Mr. Burhans will bring one into the September meeting.

Douglas County is working on their budget, as of now they are $1,000,000 short. Forestry is way down. The survey on the gravel pit on Hwy p is in the process.

Dennis Hill brought up the need for the grader operator to mix more of the fines into the larger gravel when grading. Arthur will discuss it with him.

Braden Olson was present and expressed interest in working in the winter plowing snow.

Adjourned 8:30pm.
Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Kane, Town Clerk/Treasurer