Town of Amnicon Regular Town Meeting
January 12th, 2017 7:00 pm.
Amnicon Town Hall

Arthur Amys called the meeting to order. All members present. Arthur Amys made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 13th, 2016 meeting. Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan Committee No Report

Gary Kane Has done all the road work for the fire signs and will have the order ready next week.

Discussion took place on the bridge on Old 11, it qualifies for replacement. Gary Kane will get in touch with Douglas County for what paper work is needed.

Mark Liebaert made a motion to continue the Joint Powers Agreement with Douglas County, Dennis Hill seconded. Motion carried.

Arthur Amys made a motion to change the date of the Caucus from January 19th to January 17th, Mark Liebaert seconded. Motion carried.

County Report, Mark Liebaert reported he attended a meeting with emergency management in Hayward. The topic was what if we lose the power grid? He said everybody’s eyes where opened as to what it would take to keep things up and running. We may need to make plans to install our own generation plant.

Amnicon Senior Center has disbanded and they decided to donate the remaining funds in their checking account to the Town of Amnicon. They would like the monies to go into a fund for air conditioning for the town hall. It was in the amount of $ 1000.00.

Arthur Amys moved to adjourn, Dennis Hill seconded. 8:15pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Kane, Clerk/Treasurer