Snow Plow Contract

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Snowplowing Fees 2022-2023 Season

At the Regular Town Board Meeting, held October 14, 2022.

$200.00 for driveways up to 350 feet.

Driveways over 350 feet will be negotiated separately. $400.00 max

Seniors 60 or older $175.00

$100.00 per hour for additional snow removal.

$100.00 per hour for one-time removal $50.00 minimum charge.

Driveways must be a minimum of 20 feet wide: free of stumps, trees, cars, snowmobiles and other obstructions. Driveways must have a vertical clearance of 24 feet and adequate turn around space must be provided. DRIVEWAYS WILL NOT BE PLOWED UNTIL THE DAY AFTER TOWN ROADS ARE PLOWED. Snow plowing in some cases may be subcontracted to other governmental units, but the fee must be paid to the Town of Amnicon. A resident desiring snow plowing service for the 2022-2023 season: Must sign the proper form and mail it with the correct fee to the Town Treasurer on or before November 5th. If driveway is over 350 ft or new, please call 218-391-9134 and leave name and address a form with your fee on it will be mailed to you.

Gary Kane, Clerk\Treasurer
Town of Amnicon
8985 E US HWY 2
South Range, WI 54874

In consideration for the snow plowing work performed by the Town of Amnicon. The undersigned hereby agrees to keep the area he designates to be snow plowed, free of all property, which will be subject to damage by snowplowing equipment, and to conform to the standards as listed above. The undersigned further agrees that the Town of Amnicon, its officials and employees will not be liable for damage to any property encountered in the prescribed area to be snow plowed as designated by the property owner or occupant of the premises. The Town Officials and Employees reserve the right not to plow at their discretion.

Check or money order must accompany this signed form.  Download available at the top of this page.